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Aetna Medigap PlansAetna sells a number of different Medicare plans. It won’t sell you the original Medicare plan, as only Medicare itself can sell that one, but it does offer a lot of Supplement plans and other options for you. We would like to show you what Aetna Medicare 2018 looks like and how its plans may benefit you.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

Aetna offers a powerful coverage plan known as Medicare Advantage. This will include all the cover already provided by the basic Medicare plan, which is for Medicare Part A and Part B. It goes further than that, though. Aetna’s Medicare plans are what are known as MAPD, or Medicare Advantage with prescription drug coverage. That means it includes Medicare Part D, which takes care of lots of prescription drug costs.

This form of the Medicare Advantage plan is one of the most robust and comprehensive coverage plans available for medical expenses. It may also include coverage for checkups and other common expenses that are not covered by Original Medicare. If you do sign up for this plan, then you won’t be able to sign up for any of the Supplements.


medicare supplement 2019


Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

There are 10 different Medicare Supplement plans, but Aetna is not selling all of them in 2018. It is only going to sell a few of them- generally the ones that it believes are the most popular and that tits customers will be most likely to want. Most insurance companies only sell a few of these plans, and they can change out their lineup as they wish. They can also set their own prices, so you will see that Aetna has different prices for some of its plans than many of its competitors have.

Supplement plans have been designed by Medicare to plug those coverage gaps that are created by the Original Medicare plan. Each of the 10 plans does that very thing in different ways. You should look through them to see which one, if any, would be right for you.

Supplement pals are overseen and managed by Medicare. It is up to Medicare to decide what they cover, and that coverage only changes if Medicare deems that it should. No private insurance company, such as Aetna, can make any changes to the coverage on its plans. Let’s take a look now at a few of the most popular Supplements that you could get from Aetna.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F

This is the Supplement with the most coverage, and it actually includes cover for every single supplemental expense. That would be the deductibles for Medicare Part A and B, the copayments for parts A and B, the excess charges for Part B, the hospice coinsurance for Part A, skilled nursing care coinsurance, blood usage and foreign emergency transportation.

No other Medicare Supplement provides as much as Plan F does, but it is also the most expensive Aetna Medicare 2018 plan, and that can price it out of some people’s budgets. You should compare its prices to that of some of the other Supplement plans to see how it compares. Once you do that, you may see that this is often a plan that is so expensive that it is not the most economical choice.




Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G

Plan G is considered to be a far more valuable plan. It covers most of the same things that Plan F does, but it costs far less. How much less will depend on what Aetna wants to charge for it, but you need to know that Plan F’s prestige as the only full coverage plan often prices it way higher than the other plans, even those that are similar.

So, how similar is Plan G to Plan F? Well, there is only one coverage item that the two plans do not share. That would be the Medicare Part B deductible. All the other coverage items that Plan F includes are also included in Plan G.




Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N is another Medicare Supplement plan that offers a lot of coverage, and it is very similar to the two we have already covered. We talk about these three plans because they tend to be the most popular ones year in and year out. Plan N will cover you for Medicare Part A’s deductible, copayment and hospice Coinsurance. It also covers the Part B copayment and the skilled nursing coinsurance. It even includes blood coverage and foreign travel exchange cover, but it won’t cover the Part B deductible or excess charges. It also requires you to pay for some copayments each time you visit the emergency room or go to see the doctor. That makes it a fairly robust plan, but it doesn’t bother to add on coverage for some of the things that simply don’t cost much and aren’t worth covering. It also leaves off cover for some rarer expenses, like the Part B excess charges.

This is an excellent plan for people who have many medical expenses but a tight budget to be concerned about.

Buying through Aetna

So which plan should you go with? We covered four distinct plans and two separate types of plans. That gives you a lot to look through and compare to your own needs. You may find after all your examination of these plans that you don’t need any of them, and that’s okay too. You need to choose the coverage that works best for you.

You can apply for any of these plans through Aetna’s website when you are ready. You are eligible for Aetna Medicare in 2018 so long as you have basic Medicare and are 65 years old. We suggest applying within six months of turning 65 to save money and to ensure that you are approved for the plan that you want. If you do take your time and choose the most suitable plan, then you can save money on your healthcare and be covered for expenses that apply to you.


medicare supplement 2019

Medicare Supplement Plans

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