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Russell Noga
by Russell Noga | Updated April 10th, 2024

Are ACE Medicare Supplement plans the right choice for your healthcare needs? This direct comparison reveals how ACE’s coverage, costs, and customer satisfaction rates stack up to ensure you make the best choice for your health and budget.

We’ve stripped away the complexity of comparing ACE Medicare Supplement plans for 2025, providing essential insights without overloading you with details. Make an informed decision with our concise guide that lays out the facts on ACE’s Medigap options and their fit in the competitive landscape of supplemental insurance.


Key Takeaways

  • ACE Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized policies designed to fill in the gaps of Original Medicare, with various options such as Plan F (for existing beneficiaries), Plan G, and Plan N.


  • ACE Medicare supplement plans, part of Chubb, fare competitively in the market with low premiums in most states and have A++ financial strength ratings from AM Best, but vary in cost and coverage compared to competitors like UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and Mutual of Omaha.


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Understanding ACE Medicare Supplement Plans


ACE Medicare Supplement Plans for 2025 Understanding ACE Medicare Supplement Plans


ACE Medicare Supplement Plans, designed to fill coverage gaps in Original Medicare Parts A and B, offer comprehensive coverage, including:

  • Hospitalization
  • Medical services
  • Vision
  • Preventive care


These plans are offered by ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Chubb.

But what exactly does this coverage entail? What types of plans does ACE offer, and how do the benefits and premiums of these plans compare?

We’ll explore these questions in the following sections.


Types of ACE Medicare Supplement Plans

ACE Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap policies, come in various types, each offering a unique mix of benefits and costs. Some popular options include:

  • Medigap Plan F: Considered one of the most comprehensive, but no longer available to new beneficiaries after January 1, 2020.
  • Medigap Plan G: Gaining popularity with extensive coverage that is very close to Medicare Plan F, but has lower premiums
  • Medigap Plan N: Offers lower premiums than both plans above but requires some cost-sharing.


It’s important to carefully consider your healthcare needs and budget when choosing Medicare supplements or a specific Medicare Supplement plan.

Notably, new Medicare enrollees, those who turned 65 on or after January 1, 2020, do not have access to Plans C and F, which restricts their options compared to existing beneficiaries.

Some ACE Medicare Supplement plans, like Medicare Plan N, require copayments for certain services. Others offer out-of-pocket limits or high deductible options to cater to the financial preferences of consumers.


Standardized Benefits and Premiums

Medicare Supplement plans, including those by ACE, are standardized. This means that the coverage offered by a specific plan remains consistent across all carriers.

However, premiums for these plans can differ based on the insurer, despite the standardization of benefits.

Monthly premiums are set for Medicare Supplement plans and can change over time. They can be community-rated, issue or entry age-rated, or attained-age-rated.

Moreover, premiums can fluctuate significantly based on factors such as location, gender, marital status, and lifestyle choices like smoking.


Comparing ACE Medicare Supplement with Competitors


ACE Medicare Supplement Plans for 2025 Comparing ACE Medicare Supplement with Competitors


So, how does ACE measure up to its rivals? Some competitors that also offer various Medigap plans include:


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, ACE Medicare Supplement plans fare well, with premiums often in the top three lowest in most states. Premiums vary by zip code, gender, age, tobacco use, and if any household discounts are applied.


Financial Strength Ratings

In assessing the financial strength of Medicare Supplement companies, ACE Medicare gains a competitive edge. The plans are underwritten by ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Company, part of Chubb, illustrating the robust backing for these plans.

ACE Property & Casualty Insurance Company holds an A++ rating from AM Best, signifying superior financial strength.


Additional Benefits and Discounts

Beyond core coverage, ACE offers additional benefits and discounts. For instance, members of the same household are eligible for a 7% discount on ACE Medicare plans.

However, competitors like Aetna offer up to 10 types of Medigap plans that may include additional benefits not required by federal regulations.

For instance, UnitedHealthcare Medigap policies provide a wide range of extra Medicare benefits, such as a free gym membership, an online brain health program, discounts on dental, vision, and hearing services, a driver safety course, and access to a 24/7 nurse line.

These additional benefits can greatly enhance your overall healthcare experience, making a Medigap policy a valuable investment for many seniors.


Customer Satisfaction

ACE Medicare Supplement Plans are recognized for having a highly knowledgeable customer service team, contributing to their positive reputation. However, customer satisfaction can vary depending on individual experiences and expectations.

For instance, AARP/UnitedHealthcare has received high third-party satisfaction ratings for its Medicare Supplement Plan G.

On the other hand, State Farm has had a remarkably low complaint index of 0.1 over the past three years, indicating high customer satisfaction, however, their premiums are typically much higher than other companies. As a potential policyholder, considering customer satisfaction ratings can provide a more comprehensive picture of what to expect from a provider.


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Eligibility and Enrollment in ACE Medicare Supplement Plans


ACE Medicare Supplement Plans for 2025 Eligibility and Enrollment in ACE Medicare Supplement Plans


To be eligible for ACE Medicare Supplement plans, individuals must:

  • Be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B
  • Initiate the enrollment process by calling us today at 1-888-891-0229
  • Complete an application with one of our licensed insurance agents and provide proof of Medicare enrollment


Plus, eligible individuals can obtain a household discount of up to 7% on ACE Medicare Supplement plan premiums, although criteria for this discount vary by state.


State Availability

Note that ACE Medicare Supplement plans are not offered in all states. ACE started offering Medigap plans in August of 2022, with some of the first states including Arizona, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

For those interested in ACE Medicare Supplement plans, it’s recommended to contact us directly for a current list of states where the plans are offered.


Open Enrollment Period

The optimal time for enrolling in a Medigap plan is during the six-month open enrollment period, commencing when you turn 65 and have enrolled in Medicare Part B. This open enrollment period lasts for six months.

However, it’s worth noting that Plan F is not available to any Medicare beneficiary who became eligible on or after January 1, 2020. Enrollment restrictions also apply to Plan G.

As long as the premiums are paid on time, Medigap policies are not cancelable by the insurance company.


Pros and Cons of Choosing ACE Medicare Supplement


ACE Medicare Supplement Plans for 2025 Pros and Cons of Choosing ACE Medicare Supplement


Like any health insurance product, ACE Medicare Supplement plans come with their own pros and cons. On the upside, these plans provide comprehensive healthcare coverage, which is especially beneficial for individuals with preexisting conditions.

A key advantage of ACE’s Medigap plans over Medicare Advantage plans is the wider provider network, allowing beneficiaries to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.

On the flip side, Medicare Supplement plans may be more expensive than Medicare Advantage plans because they are purchased in addition to an existing Medicare policy. Also, despite offering standardized benefits, there can be differences in pricing and coverage options.

Furthermore, enrollment in ACE Medicare Supplement plans may come with restrictions, such as mandatory medical underwriting or higher premiums if you enroll outside of the open enrollment period.

Tips for Selecting the Right ACE Medicare Supplement Plan


ACE Medicare Supplement Plans for 2025 Tips for Selecting the Right ACE Medicare Supplement Plan


Choosing the appropriate ACE Medicare Supplement plan requires a thorough evaluation of your individual healthcare needs and financial capacity. It’s wise to seek guidance from resources like MedicareFAQ, which provides unbiased information and unlimited support for the lifetime of your policy.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the local market conditions, when selecting a Medicare Supplement plan with competitive rates and benefits. The process should start by asking, ‘What is the right plan for me?’ to align your choice with your healthcare needs and financial situation.


Assessing Healthcare Needs

Before deciding on a Medicare Supplement plan, it’s important to assess your personal healthcare requirements, taking into account the frequency of doctor visits, necessary prescriptions, and any routine medical services or treatments. Consider the expected out-of-pocket costs for services such as hospital stays, outpatient care, or specialist visits, as well as prescription drug coverage.

Also, assess how often you need medical care, including primary care consultations and examinations. Account for your personal and family health history to evaluate the risk of potential health conditions that may require future care or interventions.

Furthermore, planning for unexpected medical events or emergencies by understanding coverage extents, like how much is paid for hospital admission, is critical in maintaining your overall health status.


Comparing Costs and Coverage

Having identified your healthcare needs, the next step is to compare the costs and coverage. Look at premiums, deductibles, and copays to fit your budget and get the most suitable coverage.

Also, consider the pattern of rate increases for Medicare Supplement plans over time, which can impact the long-term affordability of a plan.

Although coverage across Medicare Supplement plans is standardized, it’s beneficial to compare ACE plans with those from other providers to ensure the best match for your needs. Tools like MedicareFAQ’s Medicare rates quoting tool can be a valuable resource, allowing you to compare supplemental Medicare options from any carrier in any state.


Consulting Licensed Insurance Agents

While exploring the world of Medicare Supplement plans, feel free to seek professional advice from one of our independent insurance agents. has a team of licensed insurance agents who can provide personalized advice, ensuring that Medicare Supplement plans are matched appropriately with individuals’ healthcare needs.

One of our Licensed, independent insurance agents can tailor their expert advice to individual health needs and financial situations, simplifying the selection process of Medicare Supplement plans. Their guidance can be invaluable in making an informed choice among Medicare Supplement plans, which is why working with a licensed insurance agent is highly recommended.


In conclusion, ACE Medicare Supplement Plans offer a variety of benefits to help fill the gaps in your Original Medicare coverage.

With various plan types and flexible premiums, ACE provides options to cater to different healthcare needs and financial preferences.

However, it’s important to compare ACE’s offerings with other competitors, considering factors like financial strength, additional benefits, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness.

Ultimately, selecting the right plan involves a careful assessment of your healthcare needs, a comparison of costs and coverage, and consultation with licensed insurance agents for personalized advice.



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Frequently Asked Questions


  Who can enroll in ACE Medicare Supplement plans?

You can apply to enroll in ACE Medicare Supplement plans if you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.


  What types of ACE Medicare Supplement plans are available?

ACE offers a range of Medicare Supplement plans, such as Plan A, F, G, and N, each with different benefits and costs to cater to various healthcare needs.


  How are premiums for ACE Medicare Supplement plans set?

Premiums for ACE Medicare Supplement plans are set based on factors such as community rating, issue or entry age rating, and attained age rating, and also vary depending on location, gender, marital status, and lifestyle choices.


  How does ACE Medicare Supplement compare with its competitors?

ACE Medicare Supplement plans offer competitive premium costs, but it’s wise to allow us help you to compare plans and premiums from all the top insurance companies. It’s fast, easy, and FREE. We can help you choose the right plan based on your specific needs and budget.


  What are some tips for selecting the right ACE Medicare Supplement plan?

When selecting an ACE Medicare Supplement plan, assess your healthcare needs, compare costs and coverage, and consult one of our licensed insurance agents for personalized expert advice.