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The Medicare plans for the coming years are going to be offered by many different insurance companies. They are all really offering the same plans, just at different prices and in different lineups. That’s something to keep in mind when you are looking at the AARP Medigap plans. You can get the same plans elsewhere, perhaps even for a better price, but you might miss out on some of the member benefits that come from being with AARP.

Now AARP is known for serving seniors in many different ways. They offer insurance; they provide lifestyle advice; they operate financial services for the elderly. But for Medicare subscribers, the best services they can get from AARP is that of Medicare supplemental plans. These plans come with varying amounts of coverage that fill in gaps left behind by Medicare basic. You only get to sign up for one of these supplementary plans if you already have Medicare basic.



Medicare supplement plans



Before you choose one of the supplement plans that AARP has, you may want to know more about it and how it will fit with your coverage needs. If you have a lot of medical expenses and you have to go to the hospital on a regular basis, then something like Plan F or N may be best suited to you. But if you are mostly covered by Medicare, you may not need any supplemental insurance. These plans are not for everyone, but for those who require more insurance than what they currently have for their medical costs, these plans can come in quite useful. If you manage to find the right plan for you, you can save a lot of money.

When looking at the AARP Medigap plans, be sure you know what you need covered and pick out your plan accordingly. Some plans are going to cover you for basically all the deductibles and copayments that Medicare leaves you with. Others will cover your nursing care and hospice care. Other still only cover a portion of all supplemental expenses, leaving you a percentage to cover for yourself.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

With as many as 10 Medigap Plans offered through Medicare by private insurance companies today, it most certainly can get confusing. AARP United Healthcare does offer quite a few Medigap plans, however there really are only a few plans that stand out and are the most popular.

AARP Medigap Plan F

medicare supplement plan fThis plan has stood the test of time and has certainly been the most popular for most people on Medicare. Medicare Supplement plan F provides 100% coverage of the gaps in Medicare Part A and B. This means no co-payments, no coinsurance, and no bills on any Medicare approved expenses. Due to the cost of this coverage, Medicare Plan F will no longer be offered to anyone going on Medicare January 1st 2020 and beyond. Those enrolled on a Plan F up until that point will continue to get coverage with it, though it’s estimated by many that premiums will skyrocket.



AARP Medigap Plan G

aarp Medicare Supplement Plan G 2019With Plan F going away for new beneficiaries in 2020, many people are looking to Medicare supplement plan G for their Medigap needs. In fact even prior to the announcement of Plan F leaving, Plan G was already quickly becoming popular due to the fact that you may save money with Medigap Plan G. It’s almost identical coverage to Plan F with only one difference. On Plan G you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself each year. Currently this is $183. Once this is met Plan G pays 100% just like Plan F. The premiums for Plan G are less than Plan F which makes it a better deal in many cases.


AARP Medigap Plan N

aarp medigap plansFor those wanting even lower premiums than Plan F or G, but still have great coverage, Medigap Plan N is the way to go. You still have no network and many of your bills paid, but you will have a few extra out of pocket expenses depending on how much of the coverage you use. With Plan N you still must pay the annual Part B deductible like you do with Plan G, but after that you might have co-payments up to $20 per doctor’s visit. And if you visit the emergency room on Plan N but you are not admitted to the hospital, you will find yourself getting a bill for $50 in the mail as a co-pay.


As you look over the plans and try to determine which one will work best for you, be sure you are considering the cost of the plans. AARP may not always offer the best price, and you want to look at other options if AARP is too expensive for you. You may still be able to get the coverage plan you want without having to hurt your budget.

Medicare ensures that every insurance company that sells its plans offers the same coverage. You don’t have to compare coverage between providers, because they are all the same. Just concentrate on comparing rates, service and the reputation of the company. AARP has a great reputation within the industry, and that may be a deciding factor for you.

The AARP Medigap plans offer a great selection of coverage options. Don’t rush on picking out the right plan, as you should try to stick with the same plan for years to get the best value from it and to avoid the expenses that can come from changing plans.



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