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aarp medicare supplementPlan F is, by every definition, the highest possible coverage plans available out of all the Medicare Supplements. Through AARP Medigap Plan F, you get covered for more expenses than any other Medigap plan.

Do you need all those coverage items? You can find out by reading on about what this plan covers and then comparing it to your own needs and your own situation. The are some seniors for whom Plan F is the very best choice out of all that’s available. It may be an expensive plan most of the time, but it offers so much that it proves to be valuable for a lot of people. For others, it is simply too much- too much coverage and too much cost.

We want to take a close look at this plan and what it has to offer you, as well as look at what you get with it when you go for AARP’s version of the plan. With that information in hand, you should be able to figure out if you need this plan or something else to cover your healthcare expenses.


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Why AARP Is a Good Choice for This Plan

You can get Plan F a lot of different ways. It is available through any medical insurance company that sells Medicare Supplements, or Medigap plans, as they are often called. The companies that sell these plans are required by Medicare to offer you at least Plan F, if they are going to sell any Medigap plan. So, you always get Plan F.

This is the same plan anywhere you go, too. You aren’t getting anything special as far as medical coverage when you buy Plan F through AARP, so don’t be sold on the hype that buying a certain plan at one insurance provider is better than buying it elsewhere. The difference between one provider and another when it comes to the Supplement plans is simply that they charge different prices and provide different member services.

With AARP, you get fairly high prices, all things considered, but the company makes up for that with lots of great services. No one knows how to take care of seniors better than AARP does. This company has been serving seniors for decades now, and they know what services seniors can benefit from and what resources will help out seniors the most. That’s why many people choose them over other providers. It’s not because their prices are so cheap, or their Supplement plan selection is so great. No, it’s because of their reputation for value added to their insurance plans through member services. You should look at what they are offering and not just at the price tag to get a clearer picture of how they compare to other plans. Because AARP is so big and has been around so long, they can afford to do things that other companies cannot.

What Will Your Coverage Be Like?

When you sign up for AARP Medigap Plan F, you get some powerful coverage that stands above everything else. You get a plan that covers you for all the supplemental expenses there are, and that minimizes the number of expenses you have to pay on your own.

Plan F covers all the Medicare Part A and Part B deductible. These annual expenses are all taken care of for you. It also covers the Part A and Part B copayments costs, as well as the Part B excess charges. Furthermore, Plan F will cover the Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance and the skilled nursing care coinsurance. The cost of foreign medical emergency transportation will be covered as well, or at least up to 80%. You also get coverage for three pints of blood every year, which you get in addition to what the basic Medicare plan provides for you.

Plan F fills in all the gaps in coverage that were created by Medicare’s basic plan, taking care of expenses you would normally have to pay out of pocket on a monthly, annual and regular basis. No other plan can match it in that regard, and because of that, it is an expensive plan.




The Cost of AARP Plan F

AARP is allowed to decide what price to charge for its Supplement plans. It may not be able to choose any plan it wants to sell. It is under Medicare’s direction in that regard. It may also not be able to pick how much coverage a given plan has. Only Medicare has that discretion. However, it can decide on the rate to charge for the plan and who much the monthly premiums will be. Those rates change at AARP’s discretion, and the company can even sell the same plan at different price points, depending on where you are located. The plan doesn’t change from location to location, but the price of it can change.

Those prices can also change when AARP decides that they should, and it may increase the price a little bit every year. That’s up to AARP, and you need not be aware of price changes if you are planning to buy Plan F or some other Supplement plan in the near future.



How Plan F Will Work for You

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you whether Plan F will be the right choice for you or not. That’s going to be determined by your coverage needs, your financial needs and how those things compare to Plan F. You may find that once you do the comparison that you fit better with a different Supplement plan. As popular as Supplement Plan F is, it’s not the right plan for everyone. You will have to look at a few different insurance plans to see which one is right in your situation.

As your needs change and our situation changes, the best plan for you will likely change as well. If Supplement Plan G worked well for you in the past, but your health changed, or your financial situation changed, then you probably need a different plan. You can sign up for the plan for a full year, and during that year you may not be able to change it at all. Once the year is up and the term on your plan is completed, though, you can choose any other plan you wish. Or you can renew your current plan or cancel it completely. It’s up to you.

AARP Medigap Plan F has plenty to offer, but it is also an expensive plan, and you need to carefully consider if it may be the best choice for you.


medicare supplement 2019

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