AARP Medigap Plan F 2018

You might know AARP as an organization that works to improve the lives of seniors and lobbies for their rights up on Capitol Hill. But they are more than just the non-profit company they have been building over the years. They also offer a lot of for pay services, such as providing medical insurance. And one of their most popular insurance policies is the AARP Medigap Plan F for  2018.

This will be next years’ most subscribed to plan, as it always is. That’s because Plan F gives its policyholders more coverage than any other supplemental Medicare plan.

What is that coverage?

AARP Medigap Plan F 2018With Plan F, you will be covered for all the “gaps” or expenses that are approved by Medicare. Specifically, these include all the co-payments and deductibles that Medicare requires you pay with many other plans. These are the co-payments and deductibles for both Medicare parts A and B.

Now those deductibles are quite common expenses, but you will also be covered for less common ones like the emergency travel benefit for receiving care outside the US. And you receive coverage for skilled nursing care up to 100 days as well.

Additional coverage takes care of three more pints of blood every year for you as well as the excess charges from Medicare Part B. And you are covered for an additional 365 days of Part A coinsurance.

This all adds up to some significant coverage. You can get some similar coverage from other plans, but they won’t quite measure up to Plan F. And for all that coverage you do have to pay- Plan F is by far the most expensive plan. But if you can actually use the coverage it offers, then it can be a great way to save some money on your medical bills.



When looking to plans to supplement your Medicare coverage, you may want to consider AARP Medicare Plan F in 2018. Even if you are already enrolled in a different supplemental plan, looking at your options is a good idea each year, and your situation may have changed.

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