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There are many companies that offer their own version of supplemental Medicare insurance. The AARP Medigap Insurance in 2021 that you will find will be similar to plans you will find and can purchase elsewhere, but with a few key differences.

You will still have the same coverage as you would with each plan, no matter which provider you are buying your plan from. Medicare makes sure of that. But AARP offers fewer plans than many other providers. They offer the very popular Plan F and N, but they don’t offer Plan G. The three plans are similar enough that many people could choose any one of them and still be saving money, so it’s not necessarily a great loss. But you should try to choose the plan that fits you the best and let that dictate from where you purchase your plan.

AARP does have a partnership with United Healthcare that can benefit many Medicare subscribers. By purchasing their Medigap insurance through United Health care, many people will also experience the benefits of membership in the AARP, such as consumer reports and health advice. This also allows them to seek medical care and receive coverage on their plans anywhere in the United States, so long as the health care provider accepts Medicare.

United Healthcare offers Medigap Plan F, G, and N plans. Premiums vary by state and only those who were eligible for Medicare Part A and B prior to January 1st of 2020 may enroll in Plan F.



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Unfortunately at this time AARP through United Healthcare does not offer a Medigap Plan G. This truly is too bad because Plan G is nearly identical to Plan F except for who pays the annual Part B deductible. So although an AARP Medicare supplement Plan G would be great to have it’s simply not available at this time.

If you’re interested in Plan G then by all means please use our website to get quotes from other top carriers. There are many options for where they are able to go and allows people to subscribe to these supplemental plans without having to worry about where they are located and where they may be moving to in the future.

Medicare subscribers should understand that while the plans and the coverage they offer do change from time to time, they will not be changing in 2021. AARP Medigap Insurance in 2021 will stay the same as it has in previous years. But changes can occur, and it is important to stay aware of these changes and lock in your coverage as soon as you can to enjoy the best benefits.



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