AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP offers a few insurance plans to supplement any Medicare coverage you may already have. These plans are essentially the same ones that most other insurance companies are offering. We will break down the AARP Medicare supplement plans.

 AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans

Going by which ones are the most popular, we have plans F and N. The reason these plans are so often favored among subscribers is because of the substantial amount of coverage they provide.

Let’s start with Plan F. This one has it all. Plan F covers 100% of the gaps that regular Part A and B Medicare Don’t cover. Coverage includes skilled nursing facility care up to 100 days, your first three pints of blood each year, both Part A and B deductibles and co-payments,  foreign emergency care with a small deductible and coinsurance, Medicare Part B excess charges and the coinsurance and hospital costs for staying in a hospital up to a certain period of time.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan N  

Plan N is unique and is quickly becoming a favorite among those on Medicare, particularly with people who are healthy. On Plan N you must pay the annual deductible for Part B yourself. After which, you might have some small co-pays, though they will never be more than $20 per doctor’s visit. The premiums for Plan N with AARP are typically far less than Plan F so it’s worth looking into. Allow us to see which one fits your needs best and to give you quotes easily over the phone.

AARP got its start as a non-profit company. They focused their efforts into helping the retired and seniors, particularly in the realm of healthcare and consumer products. Not all of their services are non-profit anymore though. Their supplemental plans will cost you, but these plans can be a great way to save money on your medical bills each year.

AARP offers much the same plans as other insurance companies. The advantage to using the AARP is that you get their renowned customer service if you have any questions. They may also be more aware of how each plan can benefit you. And as an AARP member, you can enjoy all the benefits of membership that other insurance companies cannot offer you.

You should take some time to consider each plan in turn. AARP Medicare supplement plans for you may not be those that offer the highest coverage but rather those that fit your needs the closest.

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Medicare Supplement Plans

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