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What does AARP have to offer Medicare subscribers that other insurance companies do not? They are all offering the same basic plans, after all. But in the case of AARP and the AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2018, Medicare subscribers are and will be flocking to the company for its supplemental coverage because of its reputation and the services it offers.

AARP is known throughout the world as a company that advocates for seniors and offers them valuable services, many of which are free of charge. The Medicare supplement plans it offers do not fit that “free of charge” description, but they can save Medicare subscribers money.


Now these are the same plans with the same coverage, regardless of where you are buying them from. You are only paying different prices and perhaps getting some different services depending on which insurance company you use. So it is going to be to your benefit to compare these plans and the rates attached to them. Each insurance provider decides for themselves what rates they want to place on these plans. If you don’t like what AARP is charging for the supplement plan of your choice, then you can look elsewhere and see if you find the same plan for cheaper.


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If you want to get the most out of these plans, then you need to take time to look at their coverage. Plan F comes with the most coverage of all, which is full coverage. You get a little less coverage if you go with Plan N or Plan G from the AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2018. And if you need even less coverage than that, there are other plans available as well.

If you do enough looking, you are certain to find a plan that covers what you need covered. It is then just a matter of finding a plan you can afford. If one of them covers all your medical expenses that are categorized as supplemental but it costs more than you can afford to pay each month, it is too expensive and you need to find another plan. Consider that you may not need complete coverage for your medical expenses. You may benefit from paying some of those expenses out of your own pocket rather than having them covered.




It’s up to you to decide but you should know that many Medicare subscribers are overpaying for the coverage they are getting. They are not planning out their coverage needs and medical expenses as carefully as they should, and they are choosing plans that give them more coverage than they actually need. You can manage to get great coverage for a good price, btu you may need to trim some of the coverage off from what you have originally planned.

At any rate, the AARP Medicare Supplement plans for 2018 are something that every Medicare subscriber should be looking into. There are more companies out there offering the same plans, but you should also consider the reputation and services that AARP is known for. They may sway you to pick that company over its competitors, even when the prices are higher.



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