AARP Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018

You might be looking for a way to save some money on your medical expenses in the coming year. If that is the case, then AARP Medicare supplement Plan N in 2018 could be just what you need.

This plan offers some significant savings over Plan F, especially if you don’t need the additional coverage that Plan F provides let’s look at what you get with Plan N.

You get covered for nursing care, blood, Part A coinsurance, Part B co-payments, Part A co-payments, travel expenses for medical care outside the country, and a part A deductible.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018This is actually a considerable amount of coverage and far better than some of the supplemental plans that AARP offers. But there are still some expenses that you will have to cover on your own. The supplemental items left for you to pay are the deductible from Medicare Part B and the excess charges from Part B. How much those end up costing you will really depend on your situation.

So how do you know if it gives you enough coverage?

Well you are going to have to look at the kind of medical care you will need and what you can afford to pay for medical coverage. Ask yourself if the policy covers your recurring expenses and treatments and if you need anything more than what it offers. Ideally, you want a plan that covers what you normally pay in medical costs plus some extra breathing room.

AARP, an organization formerly known as the American Association for Retired Persons is most well-known for their senior services. A lot of those services are offered non-profit, but the insurance plans like these supplemental Medigap ones are ones you will have to pay for.

What Does Plan N Cover?

Plan N is quite a bit like Plan G in that you must pay the annual Part B deductible of $147 yourself each year. After this is met Plan N will pay the additional 20 percent coinsurance that Part B doesn’t cover. Watch the video below to learn exactly what Plan N Covers!

And despite their cost, they can be a very effective way to keep your medical expenses under control. Many people can now afford their medical bills thanks to the coverage these plans provide. If you’re healthy and currently paying high premiums for your plan then should look into an AARP Medicare supplement Plan N for 2018.


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