AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F

AARP offers a few different Medicare Supplement plans, and while any one of them could be a good fit for many seniors, we want to focus on one plan in particular- AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Now, AARP sells all sorts of insurance plans, and all sorts of medical insurance plans, but Supplement Plan F stands out because it comes with full coverage. It packs in as much coverage as possible and covers every single supplemental expense to the maximum allowable amount.

What It Will Cover

So, what medical expenses does Plan F cover exactly? Well, it takes care of just the expenses that the basic Medicare plan leaves for you to pay. These are costs that pertain to what Original Medicare is covering for you, but they are not actually covered by that government insurance plan. With Plan F, you get all those extra costs taken care of that pertain to hospital, doctor and clinic visits and relate to part A and Part B services.


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Specifically, that means that the Medicare Part A deductible and the Part B deductible are both covered. It also means that the Part A copayment and Part B copayment are taken care of as well. Even the Part B excess charges will be covered under this plan, and that’s something that most Supplement plans do not offer coverage for.

Under Plan F’s coverage, you also get the Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance taken care of. That’s the cost you would pay if you had to go for hospice care, and Plan F covers you for 365 days beyond what you already get with basic Medicare.

Plan F goes further than all that, though, also covering you for blood usage, foreign travel exchange and nursing care coinsurance. It is the total coverage package, and no other Supplement plan quite does what it is able to do. Of course, you will pay a lot for Plan F, since it offers so much coverage. Is it cheaper to go with another plan that covers less and then pay those uncovered expenses out of pocket, or is it better to just have Plan F cover everything for you?

How Plan F Compares to Other Options

Medicare Supplement Plan F may be offering you a lot, but it also costs you a lot. AARP is known or great customer service, its member benefits and access to resources for seniors, but it isn’t particularly known for very competitive pricing. After all, you have to pay a premium price to benefit from so many great customer services, such as professional advice, healthy living resources and assisted living services.

That means that many times Plan F is not the most economical choice, and especially Plan F from AARP. You do get what you pay for with this plan, though, so it may be worth your while to go with AARP’s version of this plan. You will have to look at what your financial situation is like and see if Plan F can fit into that. You also need to determine if you really benefit from so much coverage. Do you need to be covered for Medicare Part B excess charges or the Part B deductible? Perhaps it would be cheaper to pay these expenses on your own. You will have to look at some other Supplement plans to know for sure how Plan F stacks up.

We suggest Plan G and Plan N, in particular. These two plans offer very similar coverage for medical expenses to what Plan F is offering. However, they are cheaper, and they don’t cover the expenses that are considered minor or that are not so common, leaving you an opportunity to save some money with them. If you feel that you need a high coverage plan that is similar to Plan F, and you are finding Plan F just a bit on the expensive side, then you should look at the other options.




AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F

AARP has their own version of Plan F, and that doesn’t mean that the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F is somehow going you more or less coverage than other versions of Plan F. What it means is that AARP gets to choose how much to charge for it. They can decide whether they want offer Plan F at all, and then they can attach some member benefits to it as well. A smaller, lesser known insurance company may to be able to give you as many member benefits and services when you choose their plans, but they may charge less for their plan as compensation. You will have to decide which one is right for you.

AARP is widely recognized as a leader in senior care services. You won’t go wrong with them as a provider, even if they are more expensive than some of their competition. You have to decide what is important to you and if it is worth your money and time to go with their version of Plan F rather than someone else’s.

We don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think that AARP is selling you a coverage plan that will take care of medical expenses that no one else’s Plan F is going to cover. That’s not how it works. But you should still compare AARP’s version of the plan to other ones to determine which one is right for you. There may be factors other than price and coverage that come into play when you pick a medical insurance plan, and you will have to decide what it most important to you about the plan you choose and the company that sells it.




Enrolling in AARP Plan F

If you want to go with AARP’s Plan F, then you simply need to visit their website. From there, you can fill out the form that they have online and wait for a response. It could take a few days to hear back from them. You will greatly increase your chances of approval if you apply within six months of turning 65. You also need to know that you have to have an Original Medicare plan in order to be eligible for Plan F. Plan F will not work without it, and it won’t be able to go into effect until your basic Medicare plan starts working.

Every senior should take the time to look at their medical coverage options. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F is a great plan for many, but it’s important to look at some other options before settling on any one plan.


medicare supplement 2019

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