2019 Medicare Supplement Insurance – Don’t Get Caught

Each year, Medicare subscribers wonder if they are going to see any change in the sort of coverage their plans provide. They may be looking at their 2019 Medicare supplement insurance and questioning what will be different about it in the coming year. After all, these kinds of changes have taken place before, and it’s not unlikely they it will happen again.

If you are a Medicare supplement subscriber, then you can rest easy knowing that no changes are scheduled to occur to the plans’ coverage this year. You will receive the same coverage you did last year. And if you have been researching plans and looking for one to sign up for, just know that what you found out about the plans holds true through this year as well.



But that doesn’t mean you should take a look at some of the plans and what they have to offer. Because many people are paying for coverage they don’t need. And many others are paying for a plan that doesn’t give them enough coverage. Both sets of people are losing money that they could be putting back in their pockets.

That could be the case with you, which is why it is a good idea to examine the plan you have and the other plans available. You could find one that is a better fit for you if you do some looking.

Take Plan F, for example. This is the most popular plan, but a lot of people are subscribed to it and don’t actually need all the coverage it offers. This full coverage plan just isn’t for everybody. If you look at what your medical and coverage needs actually are, you could see that you are paying too much.

You may want to consider using Plan G instead. This one gives you almost the same coverage as Plan F, but at a lower cost. The only difference between the coverage these plans provide is that with Plan G, you will have to pay a Part B deductible. The deductible is small, and only costs $183 for 2017. It may be worth paying that deductible every now and then rather than sticking with your current 2019 Medicare supplement insurance plan and paying too much money.

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