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When looking for supplemental insurance to go with your Medicare, you may want to look into the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans for 2018. These are plans with varying coverage, controlled by Medicare and sold by a respected financial services company.

As a company, Mutual of Omaha has decades of experience to offer you. It has its hands in just about any financial service you can think of, including banking and business finances. When you sign up for a plan with them, you can enjoy their stability and have access to their many services. But you also get the great coverage that Medicare ensures each one of its plans has.


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Here is how it works. Medicare sets up the plans. It determines how much coverage each of the 10 letter plans have. Plan F, Plan G, Plan N and so on all have different coverage. Medicare controls that entirely, and every provider it allows to sell its plans has to stick with the coverage guidelines set forth by Medicare. You won’t see any difference in coverage from these plans no matter which company you are buying your plans from.

That’s great news for you, because it means you can search out the lowest prices. Mutual of Omaha is a good place to start. Because they have been in the business for so long and are so successful, they can afford to offer lower-than-market-average prices. But you do have to consider that out of all the Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans for 2018, not one of them is going to fit you well.

Now that comes down to the fact that Mutual of Omaha, like every other insurance company selling these plans, can set their own rates. So maybe they have a plan that would cover you, but it might be out of your price range. Or maybe they just don’t offer all 10 of the plans. That’s allowed by Medicare, as they only dictate coverage and not how many plans each provider has to have.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plansSo while you want to look at what Mutual of Omaha is offering, just because they are a respected company selling these plans, you also don’t want to limit your options too much. Depending on the plan you pick you could get coverage for your nursing care, for Medicare Part A coinsurance, for some more blood each year and even for foreign emergency care. Some plans will even cover excess charges, deductibles and copayments. Essentially, the majority of your medical bills will be covered by these plans, if you choose. You can decide on what level of coverage you need and find the plan that corresponds to that.

When you are looking at Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans for 2018, be sure you take time to examine all the available plans. You don’t want to just stop on the first one that seems to cover you decently. If you look through them all, you should be able to find a plan that is a perfect fit for you.


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